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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 
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Aoshima New Century Neo Getter 1
Aoshima/Miracle House comes up with another winner

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
by Soze

When I first ordered the Aoshima (aka: Miracle House) Neo Getter 1, I really didn't know what to expect. The closest I've ever been to seeing the thing were pictures on the Internet. The pictures were enough to persuade me to take the leap and order it.

Upon receiving the figure, I was pleasantly surprised at the heft of the figure. This figure is made at what I would estimate 60-75% die-cast metal. The stability of this figure is rock solid when standing on your desk or wherever you choose to display it. One thing that did bug me was the front forehead piece. It fell off and was lying loose in the styrofoam tray when I received it. I don't know if it's a problem with all of the Neo Getters being shipped, but I had to take the piece and glue it on so that I could guarantee it wouldn't fall off and get lost.

Slight disappointment cast aside... The paint scheme is remarkable and of high quality on this figure. I ordered the original color version which comes in shades of dark blue, light blue, red, and black. If you have a chance try to get the metallic colored scheme. It's what I really wanted, but wasn't able to get a hold of for a decent price.

The Neo Getter figure also comes with an assortment of accessories. Included in the box are a pair of arms with chained hands, an extra pair of hands, a Shin Getter hand to perform a handshake with, the energy bolt that can be displayed between his hands, and a backpack missile launcher that can actually fire missiles (also included).

Neo Getter also has an acceptable degree of pose-ability for a die-cast figure. It's got adequate moving joints to help you capture an action sequence with this figure.

Overall, I liked the figure. It is to date one of my 3 Aoshima die-cast figures. The other ones being the Aoshima SG-01 Shin Getter and the SG-03 Mazinkaiser. I recommend this figure for Chogokin fans, and Getter Robo fans alike. Fans of die-cast toys will not be dissapointed by Aoshima's chogokin rendition of the Neo Getter robot.

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