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Friday, October 31, 2014 
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Aoshima SG-03 Mazinkaiser
Aoshima gives Mazinkaiser the chogokin treatment

Thursday, June 03, 2004
by Soze

This being my third Aoshima chogokin type fair, and having accumulated quite a bit of Bandai's Soul of Chogokin Line... my standards for chogokin robots have gone up since I've first reviewed the Neo Getter 1 released by Aoshima.

The SG-03 Mazinkaiser comes packaged and protected well by the styrofoam trays that we have come to be familiar with in die-cast Japanese toy packaging. The figure comes with 2 sets of arms and hands, a sword, the little cockpit for its head, jet pack attachment, and a pair of ridiculously large and lethal wings (sharp to the touch).

As expected from an Aoshima chogokin toy, there is quite a bit of heft to the figure which gives evidence of the high percentage of die-cast metal content contained within. Once again, the Mazinkaiser figure demonstrated rock solid stabiliy of a chogokin figure when displayed.

Like the Aoshima Neo Getter 1, the Mazinkaiser is not without its problems. Unfortunately... like the Neo Getter 1, the Mazinkaiser seems to suffer from the lack of pose-ability. The joints don't offer a very large range of movement which limits the number of poses.

Paint doesn't seem to be a problem with Aoshima's chogokin line as the Mazinkaiser seems to have a pretty good and solid paint job. The paint seems thick enough to prevent most accidental chipping from occuring. Overall standard quality paint for the Mazinkaiser.

Unfortunately, after having owned a bigger quantity of chogokin fair at this stage... I can't really say I'm too excited about this figure. It's a solid figure no doubt, but it won't really stand out in a collection of Die-cast chogokin robots. Well maybe it'll stand out because of those wings, but other than that... nothing special.

If you are a huge Mazinkaiser fan, or a collection completist... go ahead and pick this figure up. If not, well... you won't lose any sleep over not getting this figure. There are so many other high quality chogokin figures out there right now that I would pick up before this one. All in all, solid toy, but just not that exciting.

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